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New Offering From Next IT Virtual Assistants That Improves Outcomes, Reduces Costs For Payers, Providers, Pharma And More

Spokane, WA, October 10, 2013Next IT, developer of Alme, the world's most trusted virtual assistant platform, today announced the general availability of its new healthcare platform, Alme for Healthcare. This new offering delivers advanced virtual assistant capabilities to healthcare-specific environments across mobile, web and chat interfaces.

The Alme platform is painstakingly built for the healthcare domain, ensuring that the virtual assistants it powers demonstrate a deep understanding of medical nuance. Alme serves a variety of healthcare businesses including payers, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, government organizations and ACOs. 

The Alme platform already powers millions of conversations in the customer service domain, for some of the world’s largest companies, including Alaska Airlines, the U.S. Army and Amtrak. Alme helps to reduce response times and improve customer satisfaction in some of the most demanding service environments in the world.

Alme-powered assistants offload help desk requests by accurately responding to customer questions naturally. 4 out of 5 customers get connected immediately with the information or answers they need using Alme-powered assistance.

For the healthcare industry, which is particularly challenging to model, Next IT went back to the drawing board to engineer a new virtual assistant offering. The team worked with customers like Aetna, as well as doctors and patients, to build a trustworthy understanding of the flows, concepts, and logic underlying every aspect of healthcare.

“Patients are customers, and the customer is always right, right? Unfortunately, traditional healthcare too often hands us a hassle instead of a concierge,” said Next IT founder and CEO Fred Brown. “With Alme for Healthcare, providers and payers alike can give patients the excellent service they require, at scale, while still managing costs tightly. For us, the healthcare vertical was the ultimate domain and the ultimate challenge. Healthcare is complex, and the stakes are high. We sent Alme off to medical tech school. Alme passed with flying colors. We’re confident that Alme for Healthcare will optimize communication and empower patients.”

In building Alme for Healthcare, Next IT is addressing the growing need for advanced health IT products that can live up to the demands of a changing healthcare system. By intelligently and accurately addressing common patient and customer requests, Alme for Healthcare is able to optimize quality of care and control costs along the entire spectrum of our healthcare system.

“I love showing off this product. It just works. More than in any other industry, we knew that accuracy and quality were of paramount concern to our healthcare customers,” said Victor Morrison, SVP of Healthcare Markets at Next IT. “By building a product that was designed from the ground-up for the healthcare industry, we have been able to achieve one experience across all channels with unrivaled accuracy. In pilot implementations of Alme for Healthcare, our customers saw a 29% drop in costs without any reduction in customer satisfaction.”

As the healthcare industry looks to turn the tide against skyrocketing costs through increased plan adherence, accurate diagnoses and personalized care, Next IT, with Alme, stands as a partner that organizations and patients alike can trust. With the launch of Alme for Healthcare, Next IT looks forward to delivering the same award-winning quality and satisfaction that has been its hallmark for over a decade.

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