A virtual agent that makes travel seamless

    Virtual assistants meet the demands of a mobile marketplace

    Competing in the ever-changing travel industry demands constant innovation. Smart devices and tablets are changing how and where customers research and book trips. This shift to a more consumer-driven marketplace means travel providers must be prepared to serve customers with real-time answers on any channel: online, social media sites, smart devices or interactive kiosks. Next IT’s multi-modal, multi-channel, multi-language virtual assistants can help you meet those challenges, offering immediate answers and personalized support anytime and anywhere your customers need it.

    Unmatched experience

    Next IT intelligent virtual assistants function like a live customer service representative, allowing customers to find answers or get help completing tasks by doing what comes naturally: having a conversation and asking for what they need. Over 80-million interactions with customers of major travel companies have enabled Next IT to create a fully developed natural-language model that delivers guaranteed accuracy and the most trusted performance in the industry. With more implementations in the travel industry than any other company, Next IT virtual assistants are the most trusted and recognizable digital customer service reps in the industry.

    The right answer, the first time

    Next IT’s advanced Alme® natural language platform determines the context in which questions are asked, understanding the customer's true intent and allowing the virtual assistant to expertly guide customers as they book tickets and hotel stays, change seats, check-in online or ask questions about baggage fees or dining. Our virtual assistants are guaranteed to provide the right answer, the first time.

    Drive revenue, reduce overhead

    Next IT virtual assistants have a proven track record of effectively supporting key revenue streams like ticket sales. With a deep understanding of a customer’s intent and preferences, our virtual assistants can also effectively cross-sell ancillary products and services designed to appeal to a specific traveler. Available to customers 24/7, our virtual assistants successfully resolve travel and seat changes and reduce calls to live customer service representatives. They can handle an infinite number of requests, even during peak travel times—providing a scalable solution to reducing overhead expenses.


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