Putting patients in the driver’s seat of their health and wellness

Alme® for Healthcare is a conversational software solution that’s extending healthcare professionals’ ability to deliver personalized interactions everyday:

  • Allows stretched-thin physicians to provide quality one-on-one care
  • Provides adherence-boosting coaching for those facing chronic illnesses
  • Helps organizations guide members through complex forms and processes

Alme for Healthcare combines an intricate natural language model with the simple, friendly interface of an avatar – or virtual health assistant (VHA) – to drive interactive conversations with users on their channel of choice.

Since Alme for Healthcare is developed from the most trusted virtual assistant platform for enterprises, its foundation is solid – refined by millions of consumer interactions over the last decade.

With a knowledgeable understanding of personal and complex administrative and clinical issues, our VHAs not only coach, but also connect with users – establishing a relationship and empowering individuals to effectively manage their own health, anytime, anywhere, their way.

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