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Alme® Platform

Power your digital experiences with the most advanced, enterprise-grade conversation platform available.

Integrated Intelligence that Evolves with Your Business

A platform for both voice and digital AI-powered solutions, Alme® is the backbone of intelligent business operations: transforming customer engagement, revolutionizing business intelligence and proactively supporting your workforce. Alme does it all by utilizing a network of systems to answer complex questions and execute solutions.

Alme is the most extensible and expandable conversation runtime platform on the market. That means that as your business and users evolve, so does Alme and your AI solution. That’s the advantage of powering your AI with Alme.

Real-World Industry Data to Get You Started

Nearly two decades and millions of customers have contributed to the Alme data libraries, one of the largest libraries of human-validated, real-world datasets across the entire AI industry. And it’s growing all the time. (Even since you started reading this paragraph.)

Today, it’s one of the world’s richest datasets for predicting human behavior and language:
  • 20 Million+ real-world labeled user questions
  • 750,000+ unique terms
  • 1.6 Million + symbolic user intent patterns
  • 90,000+ business intents
  • 165+ unique, predefined actions

Couple Alme's vast and existing data libraries with your own data to proactively shape your desired business outcomes. With the power to draw intelligent insights from real interactions, Alme puts your data to work for your business in profound ways.


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