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AI-powered engagement for your healthcare organization.

From Admin to Clinical Support, AI Keeps You Connected

Give your consumers the tools they need to navigate and manage their healthcare. Personalized AI assistance and conversational guidance drives better outcomes while creating a user experience that provides convenient around-the-clock support.

We believe technology has a responsibility to deliver value through trusted interactions for both the business and its consumers. Guided by this principle, we have delivered the broadest portfolio of intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) configured for diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and more.

Verint Next IT is the team the healthcare community counts on for intelligent solutions to modern healthcare challenges.

Administrative Assistance

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Sending emails, texts, calls and alerts
  • Simplifying form, policy and procedure interactions
  • Providing insurance plan enrollment and new member education
  • Advising on eligibility and coverage
  • Showing member benefits and claims
  • Amplifying sales force productivity 

Clinical Assistance 

  • Answering day-to-day questions about a condition or medication
  • Providing medication and appointment reminders with calendar integration
  • Tracking symptoms and medication
  • Combining patient service programs
  • Promoting journaling and reporting
  • Facilitating refills and shipping of Rx
  • Providing health assessments

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