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Chatbot technology is bringing a new generation of automation to the enterprise that can create both excellent customer experience, and organizational havoc.

Forrester says “it can be difficult to determine how different Bots and Automation Frameworktypes of automation relate to one another, where you might be able to reuse certain technologies, and how best to rationalize your portfolio.”  

To help guide us on the automation journey, Forrester provides a nine criteria framework to evaluate and visualize how certain types of automation relate. By using this framework, Forrester says, “patterns start to emerge between automation technologies in particular categories, indicating the potential for technology reuse.”  

How chatbot technology fits into your broader digital transformation plans can be visualized using this framework.

Reading this report, you will learn:

  • Why automation will be the next catalytic revolution
  • How different types of automation solutions relate
  • How to use Forrester’s framework to evaluate automation and chatbot projects
  • Ideas to apply automation and AI in pragmatic ways

For a limited time, you can download Forrester's Get Control Over Your Bots With Forrester’s Automation Framework report for free.


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