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Virtually Speaking

How to Create a Super Powerful Helpdesk Team

As the demand for helpdesk expertise grows and the average ticket time increases, who helps the helpdesk? After all, even Batman needs Robin.

When It Comes to Chatbots, We Need to Think Big

When it comes to building an AI strategy, we encourage our customers to think big, and develop a strategy that scales across their business.

How Virtual Assistants and Customer Service Reps can Work Together to Improve Productivity with a Human Touch

Verint's Collaborative Intelligence Model enables AI-powered Virtual Assistants and CSRs to work together to maximize customer experience and outcomes.

Top Considerations When Applying Natural Language Technology to the Public Sector

Conversational AI and chatbot technology are big trends for government agencies. Here's what you should consider when applying it.

5 Ways Enterprise Chatbots and Intelligent Virtual Assistants Will Win You Customers

Conversational AI wins customers and creates thriving fans. Learn how IVA and chatbot technology shows customers that you care.

A Virtual Assistant Doesn’t Just Answer, It Listens

Don't make assumptions about what your customers want. Instead, listen and learn so that you can grow your business and better serve your customers.

Speech Is Not The Most Natural Interface

Five problems you'll face with conversational AI interfaces for Chatbots, IVRs and virtual agents.

I Finally Understand My Customer! Now What?

There is more to a Chatbot than understanding your customer. Two additional factors are needed... and these are really tricky to get right.

AI, Machine Learning, NLU and You

Don't give a hoot about the buzz words--AI, NLU, NLP. If you want to achieve business impact with your Chatbot or IVR, you need to think differently.

Get Control Over Your Bots With Forrester’s Automation Framework

It is impossible to overstate the impact automation has on digital transformation. Forrester's Automation Framework is a unifying bot taxonomy.