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Alme Health Coach Now Available To Help Patients Manage Chronic Conditions

Posted by Mitch Lawrence on Oct 27, 2014 9:38:05 PM


We’re proud to announce today’s launch of Alme Health Coach, an intelligent product built on the Alme platform that’s designed to increase the overall wellness of patients with chronic conditions by helping them become more adherent to their care plans.

Today in the U.S., 50 percent of adults have at least one chronic condition, and non-adherence to care plans is one of the leading issues in healthcare. We built Alme Health Coach, which features an integrated virtual health assistant (VHA) named Sara, to help patients manage complex conditions, such as hemophilia and multiple sclerosis, when they’re between doctor visits and could use extra support. Alme Health Coach is extremely versatile, and can be configured for specific diseases and personalized to the needs of individual patients.

With Alme Health Coach, patients have a trusted resource to help them follow their prescribed treatment with confidence and accuracy. With 69 percent of prescription non-adherence caused by procrastination or simple forgetfulness, our VHAs can make a meaningful impact on health in America through regular tracking and coaching that encourages behavior change.

There are more than 43,000 health and medical apps available on iTunes, but fewer than 50 address condition management, and nearly all score less than 40 percent for functionality. Our trusted artificial intelligence technology engages the user, doctor and care team to deliver a coordinated, consultative experience. Through readily-accessible, tailored information, frequent interactions and motivational coaching, virtual health assistants have been proven to increase adherence by 39 percent.

For doctors, payers and pharmaceutical companies seeking to improve overall health for patients managing chronic diseases, Alme Health Coach delivers an effortless user experience that gets results. Non-adherence has finally met its match. See for yourself – watch a demo of Alme Health Coach.

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