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Virtually Speaking

Dave Dubuque

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The A.I. Buyer’s Checklist: Vision and Goals

The A.I. Buyer’s Checklist: Vision and Goals

Winning back the customer experience

When customers’ first pick for information about your company is a Google search, the quality of their experience suffers – but A.I.-based virtual assistants are ready to take over as the preferred ch

Next IT hosts Forrester-led roundtable of mobile health app leaders

In a recent roundtable of mobile health app leaders, Next IT engaged in an important discussion regarding healthcare professionals and companies developing technologies to serve them. Whether you have

Next IT software engineers present paper on novel machine-learning tactics

Tired of wasting time reentering information again and again when you’ll just have to do the same thing tomorrow? Wouldn’t it be nice if your smartphone or tablet could “remember” your preferences and

A Bit About Who We Are and Where We're Going.

It is Next IT's mission to create the perfect digital interface between enterprises and their customers. Keep up on all the latest developments in our newly created blog: Virtually Speaking.