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Virtually Speaking

Roth Fouty

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Utilizing Technology to Create Consistent Customer Experiences

Training customer-service reps can be much like a game of telephone – the information they’re given is often vastly different from what the customer actually hears. Creating a better, more consistent

Virtual Assistants: How Perception is Affecting User Experience

When it comes to using Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs), user experience is not only related to the quality and accuracy of the given answer but also the type of IVA and user expectations. There

Making Speech-Recognition Smart

Speech recognition technology, a key advancement in mobile devices, is only one of three critical components for the best customer experience. Like the ears and mouth for communicating, speech recogni

Access Assistant – An Intelligent Approach to Log-In Recovery

With so many of our day-to-day tasks requiring access to online accounts, we all have a long list of passwords – and a lot of trouble remembering them all. Frustration over account lockout hurts the u