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Virtually Speaking

Sam Fleming

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Thinking Beyond Knowledge Management and Search Will Pay Off Big

People think of virtual assistants for businesses in the same vein as self-service tools like search. Same thing, right? Actually, no. The difference lies in the approach and capabilities of each tool

The Alme Platform vs. Watson: Why understanding is better than discovery

On the surface, virtual assistant technologies may seem similar. However, there is a fundamental difference between digital discovery and digital understanding. IBM’s Watson has taken great strides in

The integration of everyday things

Virtual assistants like Siri have changed the way we interact with machines. We have reached an age, however, where completing standard phone capabilities for us is not enough. We don’t just want virt

Search Engines vs. Natural Language Processing: what’s the difference?

Technology has been continuously evolving away from the old command-line search tools toward less and less explicit means of human-machine interaction, and what the future holds goes well beyond tool

Why Automated Self Service Sucks

Most self-service channels require the user to first figure out how to navigate them before they search for information that’s relevant to their issue. The proliferation of smart devices means that or

What Makes a Great Virtual Assistant?

Since the mid-1960s, computers have been able to respond to basic questions. Creating a virtual assistant with a humanlike knowledge of thousands of subjects, though, requires the ability to listen ac

Intelligent Virtual Assistants: More Critical Than a Knowledgebase?

Large knowledgebases are a great tool for those seeking to perform exhaustive research. More often than not, though, what’s really needed is single right answer – and that takes a technology that can

My Apple Predictions

What will the future hold when a world leader in user experience sets its sights on becoming an entertainment content provider? Next IT's Sam Fleming shares is thoughts on new trends in media consumpt