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Virtually Speaking

Automating for the Future of the Contact Center

Posted by Mike Bookey on Apr 17, 2020 3:44:57 PM


The “new normal.” We keep hearing this phrase, but no one seems to know what it means because, well, nothing seems especially “normal” right now. As for the “new” – there’s certainly no shortage of newness in our life during this global pandemic, and that’s also the case when it comes to contact center operations.

In the last few weeks, contact centers have had to make a rapid adjustment to employees working offsite, or perhaps having to shut down entire facilities due to health concerns. They’re also facing an unprecedented volume of calls and their over stressed agents are handling issues the business has never encountered before. Again, this all feels very new.

But in the months to come, we’ll see some of these changes stick around, even as things turn closer to “normal.” Most notably, automation – which has helped many contact centers across industries maintain customer service needs amid this crisis -- will become increasingly important and commonplace. Businesses will look to automation to streamline resources and workforce during an uncertain economic landscape.

Automating for the Future

By having automation solutions in place, contact centers can prepare for a future in which they not only provide excellent customer service, but also do so as efficiently as possible. Verint creates conversational AI solutions for contact centers that are built for both now and the future.

Verint’s AI Blueprint uses machine learning to catalog your data quickly asses where and how your business can seize automation opportunities. We’ll show you where your business can get the most out of your agents and where an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) is the better option. AI Blueprint, coupled with our 15 years of experience in creating this technology, takes the guesswork out of implementing conversational AI into your contact center.

AI Blueprint also provides a roadmap so that your automation plans meet your customers’ needs both now and as they evolve over time. By prioritizing where conversational AI can best help your contact center, you’ll see real, measurable ROI. One of our transportation clients saved $1 million in customer service email costs in just one year. A tech company used our conversational intelligence to reduce live chat costs by 27 percent while boosting their chat volume by 80 percent. A utility firm was about to reduce contact center costs by 44 percent in their first year using our solutions.

Quick, Accurate Responses

While your contact center operations have changed and will continue to change as we head into this new world, your customers’ expectations for excellent service won’t ease up. They’ll expect quick answers to their questions and to have their problems resolved without being routed through a maze of menus or dealing with multiple agents.

The future of the contact center will rely on conversational AI that is equipped with the natural language understanding to provide these quick and accurate responses. Verint is prepared to meet that need with our extensive library. We can align your use case needs with that library, connectors and modules for quick time-to-market.

Verint’s IVA vocabulary and intent libraries span 11 different industries with more than 90,000 intents. And we’re continuing to add to that library of intents, especially during these changing times. For example, we recently added intents specific to COVID-19 for some of our IVA clients so that their chatbots could handle these new questions. We’ve also been able to help companies adjust to changes in their workforce needs as their teams transition to a work-from-home set up.


Make the Most of Our Agents

While we certainly see an increased need for automation in the contact center going forward, that doesn’t mean you’ll no longer need agents. But we do see a continued shift in how you most efficiently use your agents’ skills and time.

A Verint IVA is one of the best methods to maximize your human talent. IVAs provide instant resolutions to customers. This keeps live-chat wait times low and gives live-chat operators more time to spend selling or providing service that truly requires a human touch. With the ability to recognize when a customer may prefer live assistance, an IVA seamlessly transfers customers to a live representative with a full chat transcript, eliminating the need for customers to repeat information and boosting overall online productivity.

IVAs are also increasingly be used within the contact center to assist your operators when they have their own questions. It’s a great training tool to get new employees up and running quickly while still being able to provide the service your customers deserve and expect.

Be Ready for the “New” World

Again, there’s no saying what this supposed “new normal” will look like, but it’s important to realize the opportunity that contact centers have before them right now. You can prepare your contact center for a changing world while it’s still changing, and be able to not just adapt, but to do so in a way that results in better efficiency for your company, and better service for your customers.

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