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Virtually Speaking

Alme is now available for human resource management

Posted by Jen Snell on Oct 20, 2014 5:46:14 PM


Today, we're announcing that Alme is available for HR departments, applying the technology and expertise of our intelligent assistant platform to improve and extend the capabilities of HR personnel everywhere.

This is a huge step forward for human-resources innovation. Not only are companies in every industry looking for ways to improve productivity; they also want to make sure their employees are taking full advantage of company benefits and programs. Alme caters to these needs, providing employees with personalized, accurate, instant responses anytime and anywhere.

Last year, we launched Alme for Healthcare because we saw a monumental problem that we could improve. We worked with customers, doctors and patients to deliver a solution that allows healthcare professionals to extend personalized care to every patient. Now, with Alme for HR, we've taken the same approach and care to address the unique problems and intricacies of human resource departments.

Check out the press release here. Your next HR hire could be an intelligent virtual assistant.

Topics: Business, Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA), User Experience, Workforce Support