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Does Your Company Have a Complete Website?

Posted by Next IT on Aug 28, 2012 1:15:28 PM


Does Your Company Have a Complete Website

Companies of all sizes are enlarging budgets for SEO, understanding that ensuring users can find them and their most relevant information is a critical marketing process. Your website features the meta tags, the best keywords and all of the other tools to grab the user. But as you know, any topic can be researched with a little time on a keyboard. So that means your competitors get found also. But what happens after you are found? All of this effort focused on getting the user to your site, but what then? Would you like your company website to generate revenue in addition to visits? What more can you do?

Companies are investing in their websites to provide massive amounts of information about their products, corporate direction, career opportunities and the business space they are participating in. Often, accompanying so much data is the difficulty of finding the specific information a user really wants. So users do what they have been doing for years: they give up and attempt to call a human, which might be impossible if it is 11pm or Sunday morning. However, they’re not calling because they prefer to. There is just too much information to read through and, most of all, there is the fear of missing a critical detail. So again, what more can you do?

The answer is to help the user help themselves. Users want to do things their way, at their desired time and at their speed. Remarkably, a recent survey found that 57% of buying decisions are made before the companies providing the desired product are even contacted. This is primarily because the buying decision is for a solution, not a product. And more importantly, in most cases the determination of “who” can provide the solution is solely based on the content and educational depth of the company’s website. Is your website satisfying user research requirements and driving prospective buyers to your company?

A “complete” website experience is the alternative to calling and waiting for a human to answer a telephone or sending an email to someone in a cloud. An Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) like those being developed at Next IT Corporation can be your 24/7 sales and relationship manager. Adding the IVA gives your company a “complete” website – exploiting the self-serve channel and offering a richer user experience by offering a way to search for information and solutions with the help of a friendly and intelligent IVA. Your IVA knows all available information on your website and instantly satisfies your users’ requests. Everyone is happy and your company generates more customers… as well as more visitors!

Learn more about completing your website user experience at www.NextIT.com.

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