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Open the door to new technology for open enrollment

Posted by Cleat Grumbly on Nov 10, 2014 8:35:01 AM


It’s that time of year again . . . HR departments everywhere are getting ready for open enrollment.

Most organizations have open enrollment in the fall so that new coverage can begin on January 1. This is one of the few times, aside from qualifying events, that employees can opt to make changes to their employer-provided benefits.

2015 is sure to bring changes to health plans, and it’s important to be informed and prepared so you can educate your employees and encourage them to make the most of the programs and benefits your organization provides.

So, how are HR departments faring when it comes to educating employees on the benefits available to them?

  • 73% of employees surveyed said they sometimes, rarely or never understand everything covered by their policy
  • 33% of employees surveyed at the end of the 2013 open enrollment phase rated the benefits education they received as excellent/very good—a drop from the previous year.

This has a direct effect on overall workplace satisfaction:

  • 79% of those who rated their benefits education as excellent/good also rated their employer as excellent/good

Source: SHRM.org 

What can you do to make sure you’re giving your employees a thorough education on the benefits available to them?

Educate and encourage

Make sure your employees carefully review and compare all available benefits information. Also, do they understand all of the financial implications of their choices? Encourage your employees to seek the necessary resources they need to feel confident about their decisions—whether it’s insurance agents or brokers, videos , seminars or printed materials that can help guide their decision making process.

Listen and respond

Help improve communication: do a survey and determine how much your employees know about the benefits you offer and their level of understanding them. Then use this knowledge to tailor your communication to them for the open enrollment process.

Engage and empower your employees with Alme

Next IT recently announced that the Alme natural-language platform is now available to help with human resource management. We’re partnering with benefits management leaders to bring enterprise customers and their employees fast, accurate, 24/7 assistance with HR-related inquiries without searching or waiting. With an easy-to-use conversational interface, Alme provides guided service to help your employees with their paperwork. Alme also captures the voice of your employees so you can learn how to better serve their needs.

In today’s busy world, your employees have enough on their plates, so why not make the open enrollment process easier for them? Alme empowers your employees to get the answers they need anytime and anywhere – making life simpler for them and allowing you to put your focus back on more important initiatives.

Want happy employees? Hire Alme today.

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