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Virtually Speaking

Now what was that password?

Posted by Jen Snell on Jul 30, 2012 3:52:02 PM


If you do any business online – shopping, banking, streaming video or even using Twitter – odds are good you’ve asked yourself this question at some point in the last month. If you have multiple accounts with multiple passwords, chances are good that you've asked yourself this question more than once.

According to a recent survey we’re conducting, you’re not the only person that can’t remember if your Facebook log in is your dog’s name or your anniversary. We’re talking directly to consumers about the frustration of online account lock-out. Why? Because everyone deals with it, and it is entirely preventable.

Early findings show that nearly 81% of survey respondents were locked out of an account in the past 6 months, and of them 71% gritted their teeth and dealt with it. Almost 94% of people have found themselves stuck waiting for a new password to be emailed or mailed (GASP! Some companies still use snail mail?!?) to them before they can finish their business online.

While this may not seem like earth shattering news to you, these are stats that can’t be ignored by companies that interact with their customers online.  There are better – as in less expensive and faster – ways to manage online customer account lockouts, such as Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) technology.

So, what do you do when you get locked out of an account? Take our survey and share your frustrations with us!

Topics: Business, Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA), User Experience