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SGT STAR Goes Mobile, Deploys in App Store

Posted by Cleat Grumbly on Sep 9, 2014 11:04:11 AM


In 2006, the U.S. Army contracted with Next IT to create SGT STAR, an intelligent virtual assistant that can engage potential recruits online, answering questions about enlistment, jobs, the ROTC, training, the U.S. Army Reserve and Army life in general. The SGT STAR web app has been a great success to date, answering over 14 million questions in 3.5 million sessions and now averaging 4,000 questions per day on www.goarmy.com.

We’re excited to announce that SGT STAR is now an iOS mobile app as well, providing the U.S. Army with new ways to connect with an increasingly mobile target audience of potential recruits. With the new mobile app, anyone interested in more information about the U.S. Army can easily engage with SGT STAR’s advanced virtual assistant capabilities through natural voice-inputs, integration of iOS mapping information, and access to the U.S. Army’s existing mobile content. They’re also able to socially share SGT STAR’s answers on Facebook.

The iOS app marks another big step for all of us at Next IT. SGT STAR is the first virtual assistant from Next IT to become available on iOS, and the app takes full advantage of Next IT’s conversation-based interface and artificial intelligence platform, combining deep domain expertise with natural language processing and contextual intent understanding.

We worked with the U.S. Army to create something that maintained a similar look and feel to SGT STAR’s successful web presence while meeting the necessary specifications to get approval from the App Store. Now, with SGT STAR’s release, Next IT has the capabilities to expand our unique IVA platform for other mobile apps. This significant step allows our virtual assistants to interact with users in new ways and with increased convenience.

So go ahead and give SGT STAR a try on your iOS device (also available on Android). We look forward to bringing you more mobile IVAs in the future!

Topics: Business, Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA), Natural Language Understanding, User Experience, Natural Language Processing