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The A.I. Buyer’s Checklist

Posted by Shannon Senecal on Jul 21, 2016 7:29:14 PM


Next IT has designed and deployed A.I.-powered solutions for businesses and organizations in a wide variety of industries. We pride ourselves on being adaptable, mindful that our customers have unique sets of goals and face distinct challenges. Regardless of their differences, at the outset of our working relationship, most of our customers share the same concern. They wonder whether they’re really ready for A.I.

Fortunately, adopting A.I. solutions –  even enterprise solutions – isn’t as technically difficult or resource intensive as you might think. You don’t have to hire a team of natural-language and machine-learning Ph.D.’s. The tools and machine learning algorithms that Next IT has developed get you up and running quickly. Our intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) ship with deep levels of domain expertise. They’re easy to maintain and to teach, so they adapt to your evolving goals and your customer’s unique needs.

The real challenge of adopting A.I. isn’t technological; it’s cultural and philosophical. A.I. is not all that different than the sophisticated technologies that the enterprise has been using for decades. In traditional IT cultures, resource planning was based around the notion of completing one project and moving on to the next. In contrast, A.I. is predicated on the notion of continuous improvement through a combination of machine learning and human oversight. The value of A.I. is determined by the people who wield it.

With that in mind, the essentials of any “A.I. buyer’s checklist” are:

  • A long-term business and IT vision
  • Clearly-defined business and IT goals
  • A collaborative culture

If your company has attended to the development of these cultural resources, than you’ll be in a good place to get the most out of enterprise-grade A.I. technologies.

In our next two posts we’ll be drilling into the items on our “A.I. buyer’s checklist.”

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