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Virtually Speaking

The Human Touch: Machines May Be Smart, But Common Sense Remains Essential

Posted by Jen Snell on Apr 24, 2013 7:34:31 PM


You’ve seen it in the news: man drives off bridge when GPS navigation incorrectly says, “Take a left, now.” Sometimes it pays to take a look out the window before turning the wheel and hitting the gas.

As Tuesday’s brief Twitter induced stock market plunge illustrates so very well, when extreme consequences are on the line, it’s good to have an actual person in the loop who can call BS. As a rule, companies who value responsibility and accuracy don’t blindly trust algorithms to decide the fate of their customers’ fortunes. As the Wall Street Journal reports:

Amid Tuesday's tumult, some traders emphasized their human advantages. A staffer at Los Angeles-based JonesTrading Institutional Services LLC said during Tuesday's turmoil, over a companywide loudspeaker: "Careful, those things can be hacked," according Tom Carter, a managing director at the brokerage.

‘We made sure no one made a call on [the tweet], and sure enough, look what happened," Mr. Carter said. "You've really got to be careful in those moments. It would be irresponsible to start calling clients about it.”

The JonesTrading policy of stopping to analyze what technology tells them may add a bit of time to their decision-making process, but the knowledge they gained clearly kept them from making bad trades.

When Next IT builds a virtual assistant for a client, adding human wisdom to the equation takes a bit more time too. Some of our competitors boast about their fast implementation times, made possible by automatic domain processing. But to Next IT, ensuring that your customers receive help that they can trust is important. That’s why we pride ourselves on the human element; specialists, to be exact, who take the time to analyze your business and ensure that our virtual assistants will deliver exactly what your customers need. Because who knows, the price of an inaccurate answer may be high.

Twitter may be a great source for information, but you can’t always believe what you read.  At Next IT, we’re proud that our technology has the human touch.

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