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Usernames, Passwords and Account Lock-Outs – Oh My!

Posted by Richard Denenny on Aug 13, 2012 4:37:30 PM


Usernames, Passwords, and Account Lock-Outs

According to MediaBistro the global online population is more than 2 billion people.  And of those 2 billion people more than half of them spend their time online using social networks, shopping, and accessing multi-media sites and email – all activities that require a username and password.

If those numbers weren’t compelling reason enough for companies to pay attention to how customers access online accounts, then how about these? According to a recent Next IT survey –

  • In the past 6 months, almost 82% of respondents have been locked out of an online account
  • After 3 or more password-reset issues, over 55% of respondents will think about switching to a different account.

With more attention being paid to online security – and the number of online breaches on the rise since 2005 – it’s not surprising people have difficulty accessing their accounts. Companies and consumers are being more security conscious:

  • 48.5% of respondents have 1 – 5 online passwords; nearly 37% have 6 – 10
  • An overwhelming 72% of users rely on email or snail mail to help them reset their passwords

While companies don’t necessarily have to worry about losing customers because of account lockouts, they should be concerned about how it impacts the overall level of customer satisfaction. In fact, of the nearly 82% of respondents who have been frustrated by a password lock-out, 71.7% of those individuals simply gritted their teeth through the experience. What may seem like minor nuisances to a company can be fuel on the fire for a disgruntled customer.

In this digital age, word of mouth can spread like wildfire – take the recent hack that happened to a Wired reporter. The last thing a company wants is to be getting bad press for something that can easily be fixed.

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