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Virtually Speaking

Disrupting health care is serious business.

Posted by Victor Morrison on Sep 3, 2015 7:00:14 AM


Thankfully, ZDoggMD (Dr. Zubin Damania), founder of Las Vegas’ revolutionary Turntable Health, is here to provide a little levity. In his 18+ years in healthcare, he’s seen the skeletons in the current system’s closet – and he has no reservations about bringing them into the light of day.

In a recent Medium interview, the Stanford grad and self-proclaimed man of “mild-to-moderate” mystery answers questions like, "What systematic problems are you most focused on addressing with Turntable Health?" and explained how humor in medicine can either create walls between providers and patients or break them down by creating common ground. As always, Dr. Damania is quick to share valuable lessons for any health related entity that needs to truly engage patients.

Also chiming-in on the topic of engagement, CreateHealth.io co-founder Kate Eversole – an experienced multi-channel marketer and researcher who works with health companies to accurately relay the voice of the consumer – recently dished on the bottlenecks preventing patient engagement and shared the most compelling insights she’s gleaned by directly connecting patients with providers and pharmaceutical companies.

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