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Virtually Speaking

Health Data Tracking Needs Coaching, Not Just Athletes

Posted by Jen Snell on Sep 25, 2014 12:32:28 PM


The combination of technological innovations and a rise of health awareness has led to a proliferation of wearables, health apps and other solutions to aggregate personal data. The marketing of these products leads one to believe that just by knowing our vitals we somehow become a healthier, fitter human being.

But, as our own Dr. Morrow points out in an article on Medium.com, awareness serves no purpose without the ability to properly act on it. This is where a virtual health assistant comes in to play: a coach that takes all the data collected by devices and puts it to use.

"Apple, Samsung and Google will enable measurement and collection of an enormous amount of data — but that must be turned into contextual information and then, more importantly, action. Action is the essence of adherence."

Read the rest of Dr. Morrow’s post on Medium here.

Topics: Healthcare, Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA), User Experience