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How Conversational AI Can Improve Employee Performance

Posted by Shannon Senecal on Dec 12, 2019 9:00:28 AM


Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way in recent years. And its growth isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

In fact, Fortune pointed out that nearly 80% of chief information officers at U.S. companies plan to increase their use of AI and machine learning in the year to come. Across industries, it’s very unlikely that companies will scale down their use of AI. 

Business leaders are realizing that with the right tech, their staff can answer questions faster, complete tasks more efficiently and improve overall operations and ROI. Here are a few ways that Conversational AI can help to improve your employees’ performance and position you for ongoing success. 

Conversational AI

1. Intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) support your call center agents with quick answers 

Phone support is still a priority for many organizations, given that some customers still feel like receiving service over the phone ensures personalized interactions and fast resolution. To help your call center agents deliver fast, personalized, and high-quality experiences, consider supporting your agents with an internal IVA that knows the ins and outs of your business. 

Let’s say a call center representative receives a question they’ve never fielded. Without the help of an IVA, the employee may have to put the customer on hold to find out the answer. With an IVA, however, the call center agent can type in the query and receive an instant answer, providing the customer with faster resolution and a better customer experience. 


2. An IVA addresses social media inquiries 

With the help of an IVA, you can transform the way your team interacts with customers on your social platforms. Certain technology — like our Alme platform — easily integrates with messaging tools like Facebook Messenger. 

While conversational artificial intelligence cannot replace your social media management team, it can certainly help to address high volumes of messages. This frees up your social team to focus more on promoting your brand online.




3. An IVA streamlines the recruiting process

Anyone who’s ever been responsible for hiring knows how much time and effort goes into finding and vetting capable prospects, and then eventually getting the chosen recruit started. Fortunately, conversational AI can take some of the stress off your hiring managers. 

In fact, we helped develop an IVA for the U.S. Army to answer questions about Army life and aid in qualifying recruits. Today, their Sgt. STAR IVA can automatically answer common questions about pay, benefits and more — performing the workload of approximately 55 recruiters. 

As of this year, Sgt. STAR makes contact with about 900 potential recruits daily, generating more than 11,000 leads. Sgt. STAR can answer almost all the questions he receives and also provides actionable steps for qualified recruits to complete a form and then visit with a recruiter.


4. An IVA helps employees grow

When you bring new employees on board it can take a few weeks to get them up to speed. But employee training shouldn't stop after an employee is on-boarded. In fact, “the best employee onboarding programs extend throughout the employee’s first 90 days,” according to Sapling.

Companies who utilize internal IVAs can continuously support a new hire as they grow and expand in their role. This helps to position them for success by empowering them to learn more about your products, policies, and services. In doing so, you’re not only investing in employee success but also fostering an environment of continuous improvement and productivity.


5. An IVA can assist your HR department as a whole

Not only can conversational AI help with recruiting and onboarding, but an IVA can help all of your employees by providing quick answers to human-resource-related questions. HR chatbots can answer queries about policies, procedures, benefits packages, retirement planning, and more. This can empower your employees to self-serve and lower the number of redundant conversations between your HR department and your employees, which is especially convenient during peak times like open enrollment for health benefits. 


Verint IVA for Human Resources Supports Employees


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