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How Generation Z is Influencing the Future of AI

Posted by Next IT on Dec 6, 2019 2:15:25 PM


Generation Z (often called Gen Z) is the youngest, most ethnically diverse and largest generation in American history, comprising 27 percent of the US population

This tech-savvy generation, born between 1996 and 2010, grew up with artificial intelligence and superior technology right at their fingertips — perhaps enjoying 4G cell phone access, refrigerators with touch screens and virtual assistants at their beck and call while still young. 

Generation z

With this in mind, Gen Z’s perception of AI and technology is much different than previous generations. They come with vastly different expectations for how technology should function and how it should support them, both at home and in the workplace.

As more and more Gen Zs enter the workforce, these high-tech employees bring with them a strong demand for technology, and workplaces are adopting high-tech tools to keep up with this new breed of AI Natives.

Let’s look at how Generation Z is influencing the future of AI so that your business can stay relevant to attract new employees:

What are AI Natives?

Perhaps the better question to ask is “who are AI Natives?” 

Let’s break these words down. You know that AI stands for artificial intelligence, but what about the term “native?” 

We often think of a native as someone born to an area, and those in Generation Z were born into a culture of advanced technology; therefore, they’re native to AI.  

In our AI Natives whitepaper, we point out that whether it be Siri or Alexa, Nest thermostats, or customer service chatbots, these AI natives have been hands-on with smart technologies from a young age.

Gen z

How Gen Z Perceives AI

This early exposure to technology defines the way Gen Zs perceive AI and digitalization. Whereas Millennials grew up excitedly awaiting access to better and shinier tech, AI Natives expect access to highly functional tools right now.

Not only do Generation Zs want the tech, but the expectations of the technology's capabilities is also evolving within the workplace. Gen Z doesn’t just want to use technology to do their job, they expect technology to complete tasks on their behalf.  As we address in our whitepaper, “Technology is no longer just a tool of the trade; it’s a collaborator that is expected to participate in the work.”

Workplaces without the latest and greatest tech will be perceived as antiquated, and even worse — viewed as an unrealistic working environment —  one that limits Gen Z’s performance.

What this Perception Change Means for Your Business

Again, as Gen Zs rapidly enter into the workforce, they have different expectations than previous generations. They want and need multiple technological solutions to get their work done more effectively and efficiently.

It’s time to accept that technology is evolving to help us — and that businesses that resist integrating tech into their company are falling behind their competitors while also limiting their applicant pool.

But if you are able to adopt AI and please this growing Gen Z workforce, you’ll gain some of the highest educated, most tech-savvy workers you’ve ever seen. 

Technology Gen z


It's Time for AI Adoption

Intelligent interfaces are essential to keeping pace with machine accelerated productivity in every industry, which is why we’ve designed intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) to support your business goals. Download our AI Natives whitepaper to learn more about Gen Z, and also see  helpful statistics to justify investing in smarter technologies.

Download Whitepaper: AI Natives


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