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Virtually Speaking

How to Jumpstart Your AI and Self-Service Efforts When Resources are Constrained

Posted by Mike Bookey on Apr 2, 2020 1:30:33 PM


Even in more ordinary times, we often see the same problem arise within organizations: AI projects get lost in R&D and are then delayed. Or worse, they fail to launch at all. For many customer service teams, implementing AI can be cumbersome, tying up your workforce and vital resources that may be needed elsewhere in your operation.

During the global COVID-19 pandemic – and likely for the months and years to follow – automation in the customer service space will be as important as ever. Verint’s conversational AI experts can jumpstart or revive your AI efforts and get them working for your contact center. This will not only help you scale operations but enable you to better support your customers, so they get the information they need – fast – without adding stress to these already stressful times.

Verint’s solutions are proven to work under the pressure of uncertainty. Our teams are ready to provide consulting, support, training, and integration services to help you understand AI technologies and where to apply them. 

Plan to Succeed and Drive Success for Your Business

Even when your resources are affected by a crisis like this, it’s essential not to let your automation strategies get put on the back burner. As your contact center architecture evolves, your automation strategies are critical to deliver excellent customer experiences.

We are here to help you work toward success – whatever that success might look like – because we develop Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) solutions that emulate your best contact center agents through voice and digital solutions. That’s how we build conversational AI success.

What do we mean by success? Success is when you deflect 67% of live chats in the first two months and 48% of calls to the contact center. It’s when you improve sales by 20 percent after taking your AI live, or when you save $1 million per month in just “how-to” calls, or when you speed up tasks by over 50 percent, or when you spike to more than 200 percent in traffic without batting an eye. Success with AI-powered solutions should be meaningful for you, your business and your customers, and that’s what we do.


Keep Strategies Moving Forward

When it comes to implementing automation into your contact center, though, you don’t have the luxury of time. When your customers’ needs change – and they will – you need to be able to respond. The outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent safety measures have drastically changed what your customers need from your organizations and how they need it.

At the onset of this crisis, our client, Amtrak, received a high volume of questions from travelers wondering if their trips were canceled or if there were service interruptions due to the virus. The transportation giant worked with Verint’s team of experts, and we were able to create new Natural Language Understanding intents so their customers could receive a quick and personalized resolutions to their questions.

We know how to navigate even the most highly regulated enterprises and their lines of business. In fact, we’re doing it right now with clients across industries. And, with our managed services teams, we don’t require new resources on your part because our tools and experts are here to support your contact center automate or improve its functionality with little to no disruption to your business. Even if you’ve started on another AI platform – like Google Dialogflow or Rasa – we can get your intelligent virtual assistant or chatbot functioning properly right away.

And all told, success is when conversational AI solves a problem that gives your business an unmistakable edge. Let’s get you that edge.


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