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Leverage AI to Make Your Superagents More Helpful Than Ever

Posted by Next IT on Apr 20, 2020 2:37:35 PM


Editor’s Note: We are offering full access (until May 4, 2020) to the Forrester report, The Three Customer Service Megatrends in 2020, and this blog post contains some of our takeaways and thoughts on this research published by Forrester.

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are enabling more enterprises to hire and nurture top-talent representatives than ever before.

AI is innovating customer service as we know it, and contact centers everywhere are being forced to rethink standard operating procedures.

AI is here to empower your best operators, supporting superagents with the accessibility and efficiency they need to foster better customer service. Here are some of the ways artificial intelligence is elevating user interactions and, ultimately, improving day-to-day call center operations.

AI Can Facilitate Quicker Agent-Assisted Resolution

Consumers today have come to expect fast answers, and superagents are a call center’s top assets. While these master operators are prepared to handle complex queries, time efficiency can still be a challenge. Fortunately, AI solutions often offer the pinnacle of expediency. AI can pull data instantly, granting users the ability to receive quick agent-assisted resolution—when they want it, without delay. And, when necessary, AI solutions can provide your superagents with enhanced customer context for more effective hand-offs.

Self-Service Technology Enables More Efficient Hand-Offs

By enabling a chat feature on your website, users engage with virtual assistants from the start, using intent-based actions to answer simple questions without requiring a customer-to-human interaction. Users feel empowered, getting the information they need right away — through convenient online interactions — and your call agents can focus on more in-depth customer inquiries.

When a superagent is needed for in-depth problem-solving and a hand-off is initiated, they can begin the conversation with ample context, having knowledge of the customer journey to better assist. And in future interactions, AI’s ability to capture customer data streamlines resolution.

Product or Service Releases Won’t Be Met With Overflow

Whenever a company releases a new product or service, customer inquiries can tend to skyrocket. Call centers are often left to pick up the overflux, but AI can allow your department to handle new inquiries without requiring new hires. This allows businesses faster product and service rollouts, and superagents can attend to feedback with the same level of attention and care as they do day-in-and-day-out.

AI Will Empower Supervisors to Better Staff and Manage Their Workforce (and Foster Elevated Career Growth)

Call center supervisors know that AI is helping to eliminate repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on agent quality over quantity. Superagents are hired because of their superior skill sets and empathy. With a strong customer service team supported by AI, businesses can also streamline onboarding processes, reduce staff churn and retain better brand advocates.

AI Enables Better Tracking to Foster Call Center Improvements and Higher Customer Engagement

Contact centers track a vast array of metrics including cost, satisfaction, revenue, compliance measures and more. AI can automate much of this data collection, enabling management to optimize operations.

With these insights so easily at their fingertips, improvements will be made faster — one of the reasons Forrester predicts that in 2020, customer service organizations will orient toward using customer value metrics. Increased customer satisfaction and engagement will be at the forefront of call center goals, focusing on loyalty metrics to help predict and foster better customer retention, enrichment, and advocacy.

Boost Your Customer Service Strategy with Conversational AI

AI is blazing a remarkable path to success for your customer service team, with only more technological improvements to come.

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