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Virtually Speaking

Making Purchasing Insurance Easy for Everyday People

Posted by Next IT on Feb 13, 2013 3:05:49 PM


We’ve all been there. You need to buy insurance, and you have NO idea where to begin. Should I use a flexible-spending or health-savings account? Do I have to pay a co-pay? What pre-existing conditions are covered? So many questions. So little help. In a previous life, I sold insurance, yet I am still just as lost and confused as the next person!

Sure, I have been on the websites and answered a few questions, only to have a list of 25 “best” options for me come up. That really doesn’t help me much. What do I do next? Call the dreaded helpline? If I am lucky, I will only have to wait 15 minutes to talk to someone. Which brings me to my next fear… I have to tell someone all of my personal information. I am 26, single, have type 2 diabetes and I smoke (but only occasionally!). OK, and I go to the gym maybe once every 6 months (I blame my boss – I am working too much!). Whether I am being judged or not, these are not facts I like to say out loud.

Next IT’s Virtual Health Assistants (VHAs) help everyone, including users just like myself, find the right insurance plan in a fast, confidential, nonthreatening way. Businesses across all industries have seen that people are more willing and trusting when discussing their private information with a Virtual Agent than with a live representative or nurse. Additionally, the VHA will proactively ask me the right questions to narrow my list of best-fitting plans to only a few – exactly what I need. The natural language technology simulates a real human conversation, is available 24/7 and won’t laugh at me when I ask if COBRA is a rock band from the 80's. With this kind of help, before I know it I’ll be the proud and confident owner of health insurance!

Topics: Customer service, Healthcare, Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA), User Experience