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AI Strategy: Why Every Enterprise Needs One

Posted by Next IT on Aug 4, 2015 4:09:42 PM


Five years ago, if I asked you the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about artificial intelligence, chances are you may have mentioned something from the pages of science fiction. If asked the same question today, Siri or Cortana – today’s most widely-know virtual personal assistants – may come to mind.

Siri and Cortana, while useful in their own ways, are just two of the players in a larger AI revolution.

More than ever, businesses are turning to domain-specific AI solutions for their ability to understand language and context and their knack for scaling human-like interactions across touch-points. And, in not so far-off future, all enterprise companies will have AI strategies of their own.

In this Virgin.com article, Rick Collins, president of enterprise at Next IT, shares his thoughts on the rising trend of AI for business.

Read it here.

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