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Next IT Knocks it out of the Ballpark with Alme for Healthcare

Posted by Jen Snell on Oct 10, 2013 1:31:12 PM


I recently caught a documentary on the knuckleball pitch in baseball. Prior to watching, the majority of my baseball knowledge came from The Sandlot, so needless to say I didn’t have an appreciation for the knuckleball and what a rarity it is.

Mastering the knuckleball isn’t easy, it takes relentless focus, talent and determination, and when it’s thrown successfully it can leave even the best hitters looking helpless. Yet “knuckleballers” are scarce. The craftsmanship required doesn’t guarantee success or fame. But what if you could guarantee the knuckleball?

I found myself relating to the two knuckleballers in the film, Tim Wakefield and R.A. Dickey. They’ve shined a light on the craft and stayed true to their trade all the while pursuing honor.

In 2002, when Next IT set out to change the way technology interacts with the world through artificial conversation, people said it couldn’t be done or it would feel too robotic, while others took it to the extreme of “what if it takes over the world?” In other words, they can’t afford to chance a knuckleball in their business. However, we stayed our course and focused on guaranteeing the knuckleball.

Our customers have come in all shapes and sizes: airlines, telecom giants, financial institutions and even the U.S. Army. Our work with them has enabled us to build the most complete and hardened virtual assistant platform with the best tools and processes to address customer needs elegantly and accurately.

In the nearly 12 years we’ve been at it, we’ve never seen a problem so monumental, so ripe for improvement, than that of today’s current healthcare industry.

To tackle healthcare, which is a particularly challenging model, we went back to the drawing board and engineered a new virtual assistant offering built on top of the world’s most trusted platform, Alme. We worked with customers like Aetna, as well as doctors and patients, to build a trustworthy understanding of the conversation flows, concepts and logic underlying every aspect of healthcare. The result is Alme for Healthcare.

Alme for Healthcare addresses the unique challenges and intricacies of healthcare businesses – whether it’s payers, providers, pharma, specialty pharmacies or government. Each can now streamline communication and improve adherence by engaging, coaching and assisting their patients anytime, anywhere. And through our approach and commitment, we can guarantee that our knuckleball will have a positive, transformational impact on the way we manage our health.

Check out the video above to see for yourself how Alme for Healthcare makes it easy for patients to get the personalized care they need, or read more in the articles below.

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