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Account Lockouts - Fuel for Disgruntled Customers

Posted by Next IT on Aug 23, 2012 12:23:28 AM


‘Minor nuisances’ can have damaging impact on customer satisfaction.

Spokane, Wash., August 23, 2012: In today’s society, doing business online is a given. Which means accessing your personal accounts online should be simple, right? Unfortunately, no. With more attention being paid to online security – and the number of online breaches on the rise since 2005 – it’s not surprising to learn that people have difficulty accessing their accounts.

According to the recent survey, ‘The Big Lock Out,’ by Next IT, a leading provider of Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs), what may seem like minor nuisances to a company – such as account lockouts – can be fuel on the fire for a disgruntled customer. With every account lockout, consumer patience – and loyalty – is tested.

  • In the past 6 months, almost 82% of respondents have been locked out of an online account
  • Nearly 72% of those who have been locked out had to simply grit their teeth through the experience
  • After 3 or more password-reset issues, over 55% of respondents will think about switching to a different account

Account lockouts are the result of consumers juggling multiple usernames, passwords and policies set by security-conscious companies in an effort to protect their customers’ information. In fact:

  • 48.5% of respondents have 1 – 5 online passwords; nearly 37% have 6 – 10
  • An overwhelming 72% of users rely on email or snail mail to help them reset their passwords

“The numbers are probably not surprising to the consumers who experience these frustrations on a daily basis, but they are a wake-up call to companies that they need to pay attention to their customer service channels,” said Richard Denenny (@LawManGoesTech), COO of Next IT. “While companies don’t necessarily have to worry about losing a customer because of an account lockout, it is a prime example of one ‘little’ problem that can snowball.”

So what can companies take away from this survey? There are better (less expensive, faster and even more secure) ways to manage online customer account access. To view the full results of ‘The Big Lock Out’ and to access the whitepaper, ‘Resolve Account Access Issues to Improve the Customer Experience,’ visit www.NextIT.com/Account-Access-Solution.


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