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Next IT Adds Intelligence for Popular Bots Including Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and Twilio SMS

Posted by Next IT on Jul 27, 2016 2:08:57 PM


July 2016

We are excited to announce that we now offer broad support for bots on Amazon, Facebook Messenger, and Twilio SMS. Developed off our conversational platform, Alme, we are able to deliver our leading natural language and domain understanding directly to any bot platform.

There’s no doubt that bots are becoming a critical player in the enterprise space. For players new to A.I., they can be a good place to start, but critical customer interactions and business processes paramount to your company’s success require a higher-order solution.

As we said in our recent post on VentureBeat, “Many businesses will be drawn in by the allure of how quickly they can create a bot, but they’ll quickly come to want more. Developers love the concept of the end-user experience but ultimately require a greater level of intelligence to deliver it.”

Our goal is to move beyond the traditional one-trick-per-click bot model, and create the next level of flexibility, integration, and control. We’re bringing another layer of intelligence to bots, ensuring that users get an accurate and adaptive conversational experience that meets business needs and drives business value.

Bots created with Alme are also continuously improving. The intelligence and interactions are enhanced through assessing performance and end-user satisfaction, whereas most bots cannot understand if they’re appropriately interpreting and responding to a user. As a result, bots are no longer limited to single use cases, and businesses can train them to know when they are satisfying business objectives alongside user experience.

The strength of our platform is that we can help develop an A.I. ecosystem for the enterprise that takes into account both single end-points, such as bots, and complex integrations of multiple systems of record. The result is enterprise-class intelligence and virtual assistance delivered anywhere, anytime.

The Next IT bot integrations are available today to all Next IT customers. To learn more about Next IT and the Alme platform, visit: http://www.nextit.com/.

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