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“Ask Julie” Named Best Consumer Application of AI

Posted by Peter Sowards on Jan 25, 2016 3:23:03 PM


In 2012, we set out with Amtrak to build the ultimate customer-facing intelligent assistant. We aimed to create an unparalleled user experience for Amtrak’s riders, and one that would reduce operational costs for the company.

The result, Amtrak’s “Ask Julie,” is an enterprise-grade intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) that has now earned its second major industry award. Last October, Opus Research named Ask Julie the winner of its prestigious Intelligent Assistant Award; just three months later, Ask Julie has won Award.AI’s Global Annual Achievement Award for Best Consumer Application of AI.

In an AI landscape filled with prototypes and proofs of concepts, it’s rewarding to be recognized for a real-world implementation that is driving actual business results for a major brand. Amtrak’s Julie is an excellent example of how Next IT’s AI-powered solutions are transforming customer engagement and workforce support.

The business results of Ask Julie highlight the opportunities for enterprise-grade AI across an organization. Not only does Amtrak offer its customers an exceptional and seamless interaction, but with Ask Julie, the company further extends its brand with a uniquely designed experience.

Among the results that Amtrak has seen since deploying its Ask Julie IVA:

  • 8x ROI
  • $1 million saved annually in customer service email costs
  • 50% year-over-year increase in usage
  • 30% more revenue per booking with Julie
  • 25% more bookings with Julie than without

Ask Julie is just one example of the many ways Next IT is helping forward-thinking businesses build stronger relationships with their customers. Read more about Ask Julie with our Amtrak Case Study, below, and experience the award-winning IVA in a live demo with Roth Fouty, Next IT Director of Sales Solutions.

View the Case Study >
Watch Demo >

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