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Next IT Announces Alme Availability for Human Resource Management

Posted by Next IT on Oct 21, 2014 6:52:24 PM


Alme Virtual Assistants Aim To Reduce HR Burdens, Improve Employee Relations

Spokane, Wash., October 21, 2014: Next IT, developer of Alme, the world's most trusted virtual assistant platform, today announced the general availability of Alme to assist human resource professionals. This new offering delivers advanced virtual assistant capabilities in any organization’s human resource environment to optimize and improve employee relations. Next IT works with innovative companies and industry-leading benefits-management solutions providers to deliver enterprise customers and their employees fast, accurate, 24/7 assistance with HR-related inquiries without searching or waiting.

Alme-powered HR assistants serve employees in real-time, across time zones, after hours and can be trained in over 40 languages. By responding to questions naturally with quick answers on topics like company policies, health insurance and retirement plans, Alme assistants increase productivity and boost employee satisfaction. An Alme virtual assistant can help new hires throughout the onboarding process and assist seasoned veterans with questions about things like remaining vacation hours, open enrollment dates, or how to find the balance of their 401(k).

The Alme platform, built with sophisticated artificial intelligence technology, already powers millions of conversations across some of the most demanding service environments and for some of the world’s largest companies, including Alaska Airlines, the U.S. Army, Aetna and Amtrak.

“It’s about time that A.I. reached the HR department,” said Cleat Grumbly, Next IT SVP, Government and Travel. “Intranets and handbooks have never provided the human-like support that our virtual assistants can give to employees. Alme delivers that personalized experience to employees and empowers HR professionals to focus on more strategic initiatives.”

Alme virtual assistants help reduce the burden of the influx of questions human resource professionals need to address, especially during busy seasons like open enrollment. Furthermore, by collecting data from employees’ interactions with Alme, an organization can gain valuable insights and design targeted solutions to better match employee needs.

“We’re excited to apply our outstanding intelligent virtual assistant technology to human resource departments,” said Rick Collins, Next IT President, Enterprise Business. “Alme is an exceptional benefit to offer employees. Our intelligent assistants respond with answers that leverage the deep expertise within your company, delivering quality interactions and engagement.”

As organizations across many industries look for ways to improve productivity and ensure that employees take full advantage of company benefits and programs, Next IT, with Alme, will become the platform organizations use to provide personalized, accurate and instant responses for employees anywhere and anytime.

For more information about Alme for HR from Next IT, please visit http://www.NextIT.com/AlmeForHR


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