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Virtually Speaking

Next IT Gets a New Look

Posted by Jen Snell on Mar 27, 2013 2:19:00 PM


I’d like to take a moment to announce Next IT’s newly refreshed brand and share few thoughts about our new look and messaging.

Next IT creates technology that’s built around people. In fact, everything we do is designed to make it simple for people to get more out of the valuable resources our clients offer, so they can complete tasks and accomplish goals with less effort.

In the ten-plus years we’ve been in business, we’ve had the opportunity to talk with a lot of people about the way we do this. We’ve also had the opportunity to listen. By listening to businesses, we’ve learned a lot about what they are trying to accomplish, and by listening to businesses’ customers, we’ve gained an unprecedented understanding of what makes a good customer experience. We believe our leadership in virtual assistant and natural language technology is largely due to our ability to listen to what people need.

We’ve learned that people want clarity over clutter. They want a reliable answer they can trust and depend on. They want to be treated like a person, even when they’re interacting with software. And they want easy, understandable access to what’s important to them.

Our discoveries, experience and growth led us to more explicitly define our core values. These values guide what we as a company set out to accomplish; they’re what each employee seeks to demonstrate in their work, and they form the foundation upon which the Next IT brand is built.

All of this was taken into consideration when updating our look and messaging. We’ve made every effort to provide simple, accurate descriptions of what we do, the benefits of giving your customers intuitive access to the tools they need and the ways IVAs can help your business become more profitable.

As part of the refresh we have given our natural language platform a name, Alme (pronounced All-me). Alme is our multi-modal, multi-channel, multi-language platform designed to deliver a uniquely personalized experience to the user, or simply put Alme is “all about me.”

Next IT believes that the businesses who will succeed are the ones that forge deeper relationships with their customers. Our brand expresses our commitment to our customers and their customers, simplifying everyday life by creating a conversational connection between people and things they want to accomplish.

It’s with great pleasure that I introduce you to the newly refreshed Next IT brand. Take a look for yourself at Next IT.com.

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