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Next IT Receives Frost & Sullivan Award for Competitive Strategy Innovation

Posted by Next IT on Dec 19, 2014 3:00:15 AM


Next IT has proudly accepted the Frost & Sullivan award for leading the Virtual Agent Applications Market in Competitive Strategy Innovation in Latin America with its Alme platform.

For the evaluation, Frost & Sullivan looked at Next IT’s performance and commitment to innovation in the virtual agent market through the use of a conversational interface and artificial intelligence based responses. TAM Airlines (TAM), Brazil’s biggest airline company, employed Next IT’s technology to improve its online customer experience, provide online support to customers that bypasses existing channels, such as email and call center, and increase online sales conversion rates by providing superior customer support during the shopping process.

Since we made the strategic decision to focus on Latin America, we continue to be excited by the boundless opportunity that we see firsthand, every day, to help large and growing enterprises improve their online customer experience, drive revenue and remove significant operational costs.

“Julia” at TAM Airlines is our showcase implementation in the region, as she demonstrates cultural adoption, multi-language capability and, most importantly, the ability to deliver real business value. Our success at TAM has proven instrumental in welcoming new clients in Latin America and the growth of a significant pipeline of innovative companies also looking to gain a competitive advantage.

It is an honor to have such a well-respected analyst firm recognize the true innovation and value that we have brought to the region.

“Next IT’s technology successfully emulates a human being and serves customers thought context recognition, allowing the virtual assistant (VA) to recognize the channel a request is originating from in order to maintain a conversation as a human would,” said Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Maiara Munhoz. “In its first project in Latin America with TAM, the company’s VA has answered more than 16 million questions and, along with other TAM website improvements, has been able to achieve a 33% call reduction to the call center.”

Read more in the press release here.

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