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Virtually Speaking

Next IT Releases ActiveAgent™ for Airlines

Posted by Next IT on Mar 4, 2012 11:37:11 PM


Robust natural language model for airlines speeds virtual-assistant implementation

Spokane, Wash. March 05, 2012: Next IT, creators of Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) like "Alex" at United.com and "Jenn" at Alaskaair.com, has announced the launch of ActiveAgent™ for Airlines, a highly developed, conversational IVA with a robust natural language model that can be implemented quickly to provide self-service to travel customers across airline companies websites.

"Next IT staff and airline experts have worked together to analyze and resolve 40 plus million travel customer requests to create ActiveAgent for Airlines, a solution that knows what airline customers are going to ask and what solution to offer to quickly and accurately resolve their request. For an airline company, it’s the difference between hiring a recent college graduate and hiring a trained professional with years of experience," said Fred Brown, CEO of Next IT.

Upon implementation, ActiveAgent for Airlines is ready to assist a user with reservation management, day of flight services and travel support. It also impacts primary and ancillary revenue by making suggestions for upgrades, such as hotel and car rentals, and calling attention to the benefits of paying for travels with credit cards that offer the most mileage points—recommendations travelers would normally only expect from a live customer service rep.


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