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Opening the Black Box: Our AI Tools Are Now Commercially Available

Posted by Next IT on Sep 19, 2017 2:00:04 AM


Conversational AI is booming right now

From IVA’s to bots, virtual assistants to connected home hubs, conversational AI is the driving force in enterprise technology these days.

There’s just one problem: it’s created yet another platform war. Big vendors are building walled-gardens, and small vendors are more focused on features than business outcomes. Enterprises are left with an impossible choice: do you make a big bet on one vendor, or do you cobble something together in-house with a few small, strategic purchases?

Today we're introducing a third option: buy the specific components and tools you need from a proven platform, and get what you want out of it. Now every enterprise can succeed with AI.

Democratizing AI

Next IT is still the best all-in-one platform for enterprise AI, built on years of experience and actual business results. For companies looking to build integrated AI solutions and intelligent agents, we’re proud to lead the market.

As more businesses dive into AI strategies, their business needs have expanded. We don’t believe that companies should be locked into an AI ecosystem that isn’t evolving with their business. That’s why as of today, Next IT is opening the black box.

We’re making the proprietary AI tools and conversation platform we’ve spent decades developing commercially available. Our technologies span Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Natural Language Generation (NLG) and human-human and human-machine conversation analysis. Our runtime conversation platform, the most inclusive on the market, can integrate with any front- or back-end system and supports secure user interactions on any endpoint.

On top of being incredibly comprehensive, these tools leverage the most extensive conversational AI library available in the market today: Alme Libraries consists of 90,000 business intents and 165,00 unique actions across 11 industries. It provides a comprehensive picture of how people communicate with automated assistants across domains. Now all enterprises can benefit from the scale of this data.

That’s one component of Alme Conversation Intelligence. Others provide insight into where to deploy bots to optimize ROI, discover intents unique to your business and identify areas for improvement based on your specific customer interactions.

To ensure this pulls through to real business value, we’re also unpacking all elements of our Alme Conversation Experience. Our cognitive platform powers intelligent conversations that emulate human interactions through bots, assistants, and any other endpoint. Other tools like Author AI, Conversation Designer, and Alme Lab completely de-mystify implementation. Together these tools and the rest of the Conversation Experience provide everything an enterprise needs to identify, adapt, build, and deploy conversational AI. What’s more, they leverage deployments in production environments across industries and around the globe.

These technologies are available via private beta, and we’ll be opening them for general availability on a rolling basis. Any enterprise can now build their own business-first AI solutions and leverage the power of these technologies to get out ahead of the competition.

To learn more about all available components of Alme Conversation Intelligence and Alme Conversation Experience, visit our product page. Ready to get started? Join our private beta now to choose what you need and get what you want.

We’re excited to share these tools and to continue to research and study new ways to deliver on the promise of AI. Our mission is to propel businesses into the intelligence revolution and provide technologies that make AI consumable and deployable in the enterprise on day one. We call it “innovation you can use.” We hope you’ll get in touch.

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