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Virtually Speaking

The Secret to Customer Success with Enterprise Chatbots

Posted by Jen Snell on Oct 31, 2018 3:38:39 PM


Alight and Novo Nordisk just won awards for their AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Assistant implementations. What’s their secret?

The enterprise award season is nearly upon us, and while this is a naturally festive time of year, it’s also a time of reflection. After all, award season gives companies an opportunity to think back on what they’ve achieved, and who helped them achieve it. It’s a chance for enterprises to consider how their partners have helped them realize their initiatives and, hopefully, exceed their goals. Whether in terms of publicity or bottom-line, partners that have proven alignment with these initiatives get results.

That means that award season is also an important time for AI providers that would otherwise exist solely behind the scenes to prove their impact. Just because we’re not in the spotlight, doesn’t mean that our solutions aren’t being judged. AI providers need to recognize that once a customer has entered a competition of any kind, their underlying AI technology is also on display.

The recognition customers receive through industry awards can validate the work you’ve enabled with your products or services. A win on the keynote stage can translate into a renewed contract or open up doors to even bigger and better engagements. It’s vital that providers view award season as a real opportunity to reflect on their relationships and improve their services.

Now is the time to ask: Does the work you do support your customers as they compete in their markets?

What Success Stories Teach Us

All of this has been top of mind for Verint as we congratulate customers on their recent wins at events like C3. It’s incredibly rewarding to see our customers succeeding with AI, reaching new heights in marketing and finding new avenues for audience engagement.

At C3, a conference dedicated to teaching organizations how they can unlock the power of conversational intelligence and assistance, Alight won an award for its best-in-class Intelligent Virtual Assistant  (IVA)  “Lisa”. Lisa is an integrated IVA helping employees with HR and benefits guidance and support. The solution received the award for delivering best value to the enterprise, superior customer experience and showcasing an innovative use case.

Novo Nordisk is another of our customers that received some recent impressive industry wins. Just a few weeks ago at the PM360 Trailblazer Awards, they took home both the Marketing Initiative of the Year and Marketing Team of the Year for “Sophia" awards.

Though the title of these awards may differ, the underlying methodology of their success is the same. These companies were receptive to the idea of an AI provider that plugged into specific business problems. They wanted a partner that could look at the specific challenges of their organization, take this information, and build a custom solution.

How You Can Win Too

These wins demonstrate that if you want to be successful in your partnerships, you can’t bring a one-size-fits-all mindset. Deployments that try to speak to the lowest common denominator of business challenges will return similar low-level results. To achieve the transformative business outcomes that we pride ourselves on at Verint, we have to offer AI solutions that are customized for each customer.

It’s not enough to know what problems your customers are facing — as a responsible AI provider, you have to solve these problems too. Year-round, we need to strive for engagements that are award-worthy in every sense of the word.

Learn More, Directly From Our Customers 

In this video presentation from last month's Conversational Commerce Conference in San Francisco, Ibrahim Khoury, Director of Product Development and Innovation at Alight Solutions, shares insights about "Lisa" and their recipe for success with machine learning and AI. Watch the presentation now.

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