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Virtually Speaking

Patients need a support system to stay healthy

Posted by Victor Morrison on Nov 4, 2014 3:00:17 AM


One of our nation’s largest healthcare issues is a puzzling one: People with chronic diseases – a group which comprises half of all adults, accounting for 75% of the entire US healthcare spend – aren’t as healthy as they should be, despite having been properly diagnosed and given prescriptions that would allow them to live long, productive and largely healthy lives.

Why? For a variety of reasons, like depression or lack of knowledge about their condition, they’re simply not taking their meds or following their doctor’s recommendations to make better lifestyle choices like getting more exercise, quitting smoking or eating healthier. Non-adherence has been a problem since the time of Hippocrates. Despite all the apps, other adherence related technology and outreaches, the needle has still not moved.

In this MedCity News article, Next IT Chief Medical Officer, Thomas Morrow, M.D., shares his thoughts on the scope of our nation’s adherence problem and offers a solution that will give patients the support, motivation and encouragement that physicians wish they had time to offer – and that holds the promise of helping us lead healthier lives.

Read it here.

Topics: Healthcare, Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA), Patient Engagement