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Shaping the Future of Person-Centric Care

Posted by Mitch Lawrence on Apr 8, 2015 8:19:53 PM


Much of the recent change in the US healthcare system has been made on the macro level: high-level policy aimed at making life better for patients – with mixed results.

What’s missing are solutions that will allow these high-level policy changes to actually function on the personal level.

For example, even before the influx of patients brought-on by the Affordable Care Act, providers were hard pressed to spend quality time with each patient, and this shortage of person-to-person interaction has caused nagging problems like a lack of understanding about treatment plans – and not just from the patient’s side (just listen to what docs, nurses and caregivers are saying). Finding a solution to the real epidemic of non-adherence has been called the next blockbuster drug.

In order to take healthcare from policy to personal – or theory to action – we need solutions that will enable people to take charge of their own wellness.

The Next Edge: Health Experience Summit is a gathering for professionals who want to be a part of the solution, and it’s dedicated to shaping the future of person-centered care: giving people the tools that will allow them to understand the importance of taking charge of their health -- and that will allow them to take meaningful action.

At the summit, you’ll hear from and interact with healthcare’s makers, pioneers and visionaries – like Dr. Zubin Damania from Turntable Health – who will show us how to move our passion from vision to reality.

To learn more, visit the Next Edge website, which launched today.

I sincerely hope I’ll see you in Philadelphia on November 3, 2015, because when person-centric care reaches all corners of the healthcare ecosystem, we’ll overcome some of the most daunting challenges we face.

Come join us!

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