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Virtually Speaking

Thinking Beyond Knowledge Management and Search Will Pay Off Big

People think of virtual assistants for businesses in the same vein as self-service tools like search. Same thing, right? Actually, no. The difference lies in the approach and capabilities of each tool

Virtual Assistants: How Perception is Affecting User Experience

When it comes to using Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs), user experience is not only related to the quality and accuracy of the given answer but also the type of IVA and user expectations. There

“Moblifying” Your Website Isn’t Enough

Do you suffer from the difficult dilemma of making your website mobile-friendly but at the risk of sacrificing important company information? Next IT creates tools that go beyond Siri’s abilities. By

Payers, Get Ready....

The Affordable Care Act is a mixed bag for healthcare payers. On the one hand, millions of potential customers bringing good business. On the other, it will take considerable effort and superior custo

How Technology fits into the Health Insurance Exchange Picture

Insurance exchanges are supposed to help the uninsured find health insurance. With government mandates for states to build one by January 2014, there is a focus on online enrollment capabilities and i

Making Purchasing Insurance Easy for Everyday People

Why is buying health insurance so difficult? There are so many questions, so many options, and you have to give personal information you may not be comfortable sharing with a random call-center rep. N

Happy Birthday Jenn! Alaska Airlines’ Virtual Employee: Quite Accomplished at Five

The airline industry’s first virtual-assistant service, Alaska Airlines’ Ask Jenn has turned five! Since her launch, Jenn has worked 24/7 and racked up 43,800 hours – equivalent to a full-time employe

11 Enterprises Getting It Right in 2012 (Pssst: it’s about the brand promise)

Certain types of questions don’t require a high success rate. However, when you ask you insurance organization a personal coverage question, or are trying to book a flight, the answers need to be accu

Why Automated Self Service Sucks

Most self-service channels require the user to first figure out how to navigate them before they search for information that’s relevant to their issue. The proliferation of smart devices means that or

Does Your Company Have a Complete Website?

When customers contact your call centers, it’s not because they really want to. They’re wishing that their recent visit to your website was just as helpful as a conversation with one of your employees