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Virtually Speaking

The Alme Platform vs. Watson: Why understanding is better than discovery

On the surface, virtual assistant technologies may seem similar. However, there is a fundamental difference between digital discovery and digital understanding. IBM’s Watson has taken great strides in

Pharma: Making the Shift from Volume to Value

As the world of healthcare and pharma becomes more performance-based, companies will be required to prove improved outcomes of drug and therapy use; a difficult thing to do when patients aren’t taking

Technology that Leaves No One Behind

The internet has presented us with a world of opportunity, but in the process it is increasingly difficult to find exactly what we want. Meanwhile, the generation gap grows as upcoming children ride t

Search Engines vs. Natural Language Processing: what’s the difference?

Technology has been continuously evolving away from the old command-line search tools toward less and less explicit means of human-machine interaction, and what the future holds goes well beyond tool

“Moblifying” Your Website Isn’t Enough

Do you suffer from the difficult dilemma of making your website mobile-friendly but at the risk of sacrificing important company information? Next IT creates tools that go beyond Siri’s abilities. By

Making Speech-Recognition Smart

Speech recognition technology, a key advancement in mobile devices, is only one of three critical components for the best customer experience. Like the ears and mouth for communicating, speech recogni

Siri doesn’t need sass, she needs accuracy

Apple’s recent job posting has many talking. While it looks like Siri will be getting a personality-lift, it leaves us wondering if personality – making puns and cracking jokes – is enough to differen

Next IT Still Dominates the Enterprise Virtual Assistant Space

In light of Nuance’s recent acquisition of the European virtual agent company, VirtuOz, there are four things the market can learn. First, delivering a Virtual Assistant isn’t easy. There is also a di

Conversation is the New User Interface

Most people view voice recognition as the most advanced way to interact with digital devices. Pair it with a conversational interface that understands the intent of user requests, though, and a whole

Usernames, Passwords and Account Lock-Outs – Oh My!

Companies may not lose customers when they get locked out of their accounts, but they could foster a much happier – and profitable – relationship if they made it easier for locked-out customers to get