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Virtually Speaking

From here to 'Her': Evolving chatbot interactions to meet the relational needs of humans

Posted by Jen Snell on Aug 26, 2018 6:07:27 PM


Conversation is emerging as the next great human-machine interface. A study published in 2017, investigated the presence and effect of relational language on intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) or chatbots. The study shows that people are increasingly attempting to relate to chatbots as they would human agents.

It makes sense, customers get in touch with brands not only to address issues but also to plea to the perceived empathy of a representative. And, as IVAs and conversational interfaces become ubiquitous service channels that emulate human interactions, people will continue to communicate in the same manner they speak to human agents; with emotion, backstory, justification and more.

During the 2018 O’Reilly AI Conference, Verint researchers presented their study and the challenges faced by the AI industry to relate to humans in the way they relate to each other. Highlighting findings from the study, the presentation demonstrates relational strategies used by humans in conversation and explains how chatbots must evolve to communicate effectively — especially for those who are deploying chatbots to support their business.

To hear how Verint researchers are addressing the research questions these findings raise and how the data can be used by the AI community, watch the presentation now.

Topics: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA), Technology, Enterprise Chatbots