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Virtually Speaking

Jobs for Humans Versus Bots?

Posted by Richard Denenny on Mar 21, 2012 12:21:06 PM


It’s a natural reaction: The first time someone learns about intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs), they think about empty cubicles where humans have been replaced by technology. Truth is, reality is far from that picture.

In every experience we’ve had, Next IT IVAs augment our customers’ service workforce. Often our virtual agents extend online chat capabilities where before there was no coverage. And in many cases, the implementation of IVAs introduces a part of a whole new opportunity and need for skills that only humans possess.

The world of Human Emulation software is poised for rocket-speed growth, and humans will play a very important role – to develop the virtual agents, analyze the millions of customer queries, and recommend service improvements or new products, and more.

I’d also argue that airlines, retailers, utilities – and any organizations – that deliver outstanding customer experiences will also be job growth engines because of the lifetime revenue from loyal customers.

And software companies like ours continue to hire.

We see this as an exciting time for a tech sector that’s been in development for decades – and one that delivers a benefit to everyone: the customers that want fast and accurate answers, the companies that strive to deliver outstanding service with efficiency, and the many professionals who’ve dedicated their careers to customer service.

Topics: Conversational AI, Customer service, Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA), Technology