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Virtually Speaking

Controlling Machine Learning in Business

Posted by Jen Snell on Aug 17, 2016 12:22:54 PM


"Next IT’s leading-edge IVAs (intelligent virtual assistants) are going a long way in driving business value, raising the bar for innovation in the conversational A.I. and Intelligent Assistant market." – Frost & Sullivan

Speed by A.I. + Common Sense by Humans

The intelligent interfaces built by Next IT have an unmatched ability to become experts on large domains of knowledge – and to adapt quickly to changing business needs – so that each interaction delivers value to the user and reinforces the quality of your brand.

This level of precision, scalability and ease of maintenance is made possible by our human-supervised strategy: as the machine learns, humans are there to validate its knowledge.

This doesn’t mean that you have to manually review every interaction – that wouldn’t give you the benefits of A.I or the business value you desire; instead, the A.I. automatically categorizes information and interactions, then streamlines the process of human analysis. We think of it as enhanced machine learning.

Machine Learning, Enhanced

Next IT’s A.I. uses machine learning to quickly analyze and understand large volumes of data, making training and enhancing your solution a quick, efficient process.

When training the virtual assistant to become an expert on your company, the A.I. goes right to the source, looking at actual language used by customers, gathered from things like call logs, chat histories, search terms used, twitter feeds, emails, and any other channels where your customers might be.

This massive body of data is analyzed, filtered and categorized by our A.I., enabling you to understand how those inputs relate to one another by grouping them in “buckets” containing similar ideas. Because it’s able to learn on its own, the A.I. does much of the work for you – turning volumes of natural language into information that can be used to create your virtual assistant’s language model.

Growing + Extending Intelligence

Since Next IT’s solutions are designed to expand their capabilities over time, our A.I. uses a set of risk indicators and predictors to automatically surface conversations that hold potential for improvement. It also recommends solutions, which are verified by administrators to ensure accuracy. This human-validated knowledge is cataloged to guide future decisions and classifications. In this way, efficiency is continually increased as the system gains knowledge.

When it’s time to update specific policies or offers, editing the details of each experience is simple – allowing your intelligent assistant to quickly respond to changes in your business.

By combining the best of machine learning with human supervision, our A.I. makes it easy to ensure that each interaction delivers on your business goals while providing maximum value to your customers.

Award-Winning Tech

The value Next IT and its A.I. provides our customers has earned our virtual assistant technology global recognition from Frost & Sullivan.  Read all about it>

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