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Modernize Live Chat with an AI Chatbot

Posted by Anne Finch on Nov 12, 2018 6:15:43 PM


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Wave Smashes Self-Service Expectations

As the promise of artificial intelligence goes mainstream and consumers increasingly get familiar with conversational AI chatbots, customer expectations have changed for good. One might say they've acquired a need for speed. Customers want immediate resolution to their questions and inquiries, and they'd rather get it themselves than wait in the queue for assistance. Providing exceptional customer service has always been top of mind for businesses and staying ahead of the curve on the latest software and technology solutions is key to success.

As businesses grow, so does their need to consider scale from a customer service perspective. From the introduction of call centers in the 1980s and the adoption of live-chat software in the late 1990s to today’s penchant for more self-service options, companies must continuously shift to address the needs and desires of their consumers.

In order for modern enterprises to survive and thrive, analyzing and strengthening their customer service strategy is essential. Continuous improvement is necessary for long-term success. If something is working well, we’re satisfied, right? But for large organizations, even small incremental improvements can equate to significant long-term savings and revenue.

"Businesses are actually losing $62 billion per year in revenue as a result of poor customer service." New Voice Media

In the late 1990s, live-chat technology was adopted by enterprises as a way to support customers online as they shifted away from doing business in traditional brick and mortar stores. Since then, live chat has become a preferred contact channel by businesses of all sizes. But as newer innovations come to market, you have to ask yourself, what are the real pros and cons of live chat on its own?

Live Chat Benefits

  • Meets customers in their channel of choice
  • Gives people the ability to self-serve and multi-task
  • Provides quick and easy help and resolution

Live Chat Challenges

  • The inability to scale for unexpected chat volumes causing long wait times and lower CSAT
  • Disinterested live-chat operators bored with answering mundane questions
  • High cost per contact compared to self-service channels

We can all agree that live chat is a great tool – when it works properly. But with high costs or improper forecasting for scale, experiences can look like this:

live chat experience

It’s far from ideal. So, how can businesses WIN with the benefits of live chat but combat the challenges?

More Intelligent Self-Service

Up to 80% of the questions that live chat operators and customer service reps receive each day are repetitive, “low-level” questions. From a business standpoint, this is very difficult to manage, costly and largely ineffective. Those repetitive, tier one and tier two questions can be easily answered by Verint Next IT's Alme AI-powered intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs), also known as an enterprise chatbots.

IVAs and AI chatbots offer a way for businesses to:

  • Augment their existing live chat solution
  • Improve speed of service and CSAT
  • Help train new CSRs and get them up-to-speed more quickly
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Boost sales and revenue generation opportunities

Deployed within your existing live-chat window, Alme intelligent virtual assistants work to optimize and automate first contact resolution. Their natural language understanding, natural language generation, and machine learning capabilities allow the chatbots, or IVAs, to engage with customers in a manner similar to a live-chat operator, but for a fraction of the cost. Plus, IVAs can seamlessly transfer customers to a live representative (with a full transcript of the conversation history) when necessary to always ensure the best experience for the customer.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

By combining Alme IVAs with your existing live chat system, enterprises optimize self-service and assisted-service potential, streamlining operations and providing the ultimate customer experience.

The Future is Here. Are you Ready?

Learn more about the seven ways Alme® AI chatbots and IVAs optimize the chat channel – and take our quick quiz to better determine if this approach is right for you. Read our eBook.


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