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Virtually Speaking

Speech Recognition and Language Understanding: Same or Different?

Posted by Jen Snell on Nov 18, 2014 3:30:52 AM


When discussing how we enable people to have automated conversations with brands through our technology, I’m often asked if Next IT is in the speech recognition business.

Well, not really.

The truth is, speech recognition is an important component of Next IT’s Alme platform, but it’s just that – a component.

Speech recognition, which is becoming commonplace these days, is the ability to translate spoken words into text by recognizing and matching the sounds you make when saying words and sentences. For example, if you have a smartphone, it’s what’s activated when you press the microphone button to create a text message with your voice.

Alme goes beyond that, understanding what your sentence means and determining what action you would like it to perform. This ability to actually make sense out of a string of words is called language understanding.

Both speech recognition and language understanding are vital components for making interaction with the technology around us more intuitive, more productive and more natural.

Interested in learning more? Download “What is Speech Recognition” for a closer look at how the components work together.

Topics: Natural Language Understanding, Natural Language Processing, Technology