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Virtually Speaking

Technology that Leaves No One Behind

Posted by Madison Brown on Jun 10, 2013 7:04:28 PM


I have grown up in a society where technology is the solution. Wait scratch that, technology is supposed to be the solution. We look to new advancements and creative developments to simplify our lives and make our everyday tasks just a little easier. But in the process, things seem to be getting a whole lot more complicated, and we no longer have the option to ignore it. Technology is in everything we do and it is the lifestyle of today, but how can we harness it and take advantage of its capabilities in order to be most successful?

I’ve never struggled working with a computer or learning to navigate the web. Actually in my family, my youth has made me somewhat of an expert. Oftentimes, I find myself on the phone with my 65-year-old grandma who is frantic because she cannot figure out how to close out of an internet program or open up her email. As I have grown, I have watched as technology makes leaps and bounds into the future—and I have seen the generations of the past get left out and forgotten in the face of innovation.

I have been lucky enough to grow up in the technological world and watched as those around me latch-on to everything new and improved. But who is to say that my generation knows technology best? Hundreds of people my age are attached to their smartphone like a lifeline. They spend hours every day scrolling through internet pages and searching Google. We waste hundreds of minutes re-wording and changing our searches, poring over thousands of pages of information. The internet has widened our horizons and presented us with a world of opportunity, but in the process it has become more and more difficult to find exactly what we want.

As technology advances more and more every day, the gap between our generations continues to grow and spread in every direction. The baby boomers find themselves helpless in a never-ending cycle of advancement as the upcoming children ride into the future with absolutely no idea of what they are leaving behind.

How can we create an environment where all generations can thrive and be successful, together or apart?

Through the power of a conversation.

It is as simple as asking a question and receiving an answer. With a conversational interface, there is no new program to understand or another shortcut to remember. Conversationally enabled virtual assistants have the ability to relieve users of issues that come with technology, and they allow people of all kinds to work the web just like they should. They bridge the gap between all generations and simplify the experiences we have with our computers, smartphones or tablets. Conversation takes it back to the basics and provides an outlet for all people, no matter their technological capabilities.

I imagine a world where no more time is wasted digging around websites or scrolling through pages of a document. No more late night phone calls with a frantic relative who cannot seem to locate Google on the “internet machine”.

I don’t see virtual assistants as the future of technology, but rather the future of our culture. It is not a question of if we incorporate them, but rather when. Technology can be the solution if we take it back to what we know best. Virtual assistants will lead the way, and it all begins with a conversation.


Topics: Intelligent Virtual Assistants, Natural Language Understanding, User experience, Tech