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Virtually Speaking

When I Was Growing Up

Posted by Next IT on Aug 10, 2015 11:00:56 AM


When I was growing up...

I used a dictionary to check spelling. I used encyclopedias to draft my reports and I used an index card to find a book at the library.

I can still remember the dial-up tone as I “quickly” tried to log-on to AOL … and having mom kick me off so she could call grandma.

My frustrations came from watching my family die of cholera in my Oregon Trail game, or blowing into my Nintendo cartridges to try to get them to work, and still having no luck.

When I look at my ten-month-old son, I think about what challenges he will face growing up, and what “up and coming” technology of today will be a VHS of the past.

In the blog post, Raising Kids During Exponential Times, Dr. Peter Diamandis raises some very interesting questions.

Should our children learn a second language… in a world of instant translation?

Should they ever memorize any fact… in a world of ubiquitous Google?

Which is more important? Learning to code or learning sports?

One key theme Diamandis is sure of, though: The future will be disrupted by A.I.

Check out his blog here.

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