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Virtually Speaking

How to Jumpstart Your AI and Self-Service Efforts When Resources are Constrained

Don’t put your automation strategies on the back burner.

Using Machine Learning to Create Lasting Success

Develop and enhance your Machine Learning model as you adapt and grow your business.

Language Lesson: What We're Really Talking About When We're Talking About Machine Learning

Boost your machine learning IQ. A machine learning 'cheat sheet' to help you gain insight into understanding key terms.

Myths, Misunderstandings, and the Truth About Machine Learning

Why are we so confused about machine learning?

How Conversational AI Will Fuel Contact Centers in 2020

Contact centers are moving toward conversational AI adoption to improve customer relationships. Learn how this will continue fueling engagement in 2020.

Verint IVA is Again Ranked a Top-Rated Enterprise Intelligent Assistant

Verint’s IVA solution has been recognized for the third consecutive year in the Opus Research report “Decision Makers’ Guide to Enterprise Intelligent Assistants” for perfect scores in multiple categories. Read full press release.

What 2019 Taught Us About Conversational AI & Enterprise Chatbots

As AI predictions for 2020 are announced it’s important to look back at 2019 to learn what the year taught us about conversational AI & enterprise chatbots

What the Fourth Industrial Revolution Means for Your Business

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here, and it’s focused primarily on automation, it affects everyone, and can help empower smarter business decisions.

In Response to IBM, and the Scourge of Enterprise Software Gaslighting

When it comes to IVA vendors for the enterprise, IBM says they're the only provider around. Experience, results, and customers tell it differently.

How Conversational AI Can Improve Employee Performance

Business leaders realize that with the right tech, their staff can answer questions faster, complete tasks more efficiently and improve operations & ROI.